Been wearing Lulu for 15 years or so. Had a mastectomy and all the surgeries and I’m at ‘full recovery’ now and I ordered FIVE dresses last week (3 align dresses, one high neck tank, can’t remember the name) and NONE. I’ve ordered 4 align dresses now and I’m a size 2 bottom, 6-8 on top and it’s all bc I’m a reconstruction now. I’m almost getting frustrated.

Soo- is anyone here a breast recon with tips on sizing??? I’m considering keeping the align in a 6 and altering down to keep the bottoms from falling down. Has anyone else had luck when you’re measuring so much larger on top than bottom with altering like this??

Luckily, I don’t need to wear a bra ever again but just curious if anyone with a recon is here and has suggestions on what they wear when they do what a bra or a top? I want to know I exhausted all my resources and tried everything before I go back and just downsize to the smaller implant